Thursday, December 23, 2010

As a kid the four legged animals, the creepy insects the crawling creatures never scared me, they filled me with awe. The lense gave me an opportunity to be up-close with these beautiful creatures.....And the world is full of them in far away land....Waiting to be exploded. My wild steak beckons me...
My this season of Bharatpur expeditions gave a new dimensions to my pictures. I was never into shooting birds or animals. Mountain Nomad was always in search of tranquility in the unknown Himalayas....but past two seasons gave me some time to take a break and think. time to see the world with a new dimension. so i started chasing birds.....and here i am....

Thursday, July 8, 2010


This is a love affair, between a Man and his Instrument.
Learning, exploring and capturing every moment of time...

The curiosity to explore a new world has been a childhood passion. Travelling the through the Himalaya’s a much later development but it was here where the love affair grew deeper. And, thus began my journey through the abode of snow into the home of lord. The Incredible Himalayas.
Every turn threw up an emotion; every curve was a majestic view. As a student of Art, my camera provided a real life canvas and the Himalayas, the colors.
Peaks simmering in alpine glow, stones peeping through a layer of fresh snow, a creek flowing through an expanse of white, every click of the camera have been an effort to frame the sight for posterity. And with every photograph grew my love for HIMALAYAS.